Uni Watch: Baseball’s throwback bonanza

From SABR member Paul Lukas at ESPN.com on May 31, 2012:

On Friday, the Houston Astros will take the field wearing a throwback version of their (in)famous 1970s “tequila sunrise” uniform. This will be the third different retro design the Astros have worn so far this season. They previously wore Colt .45s and shooting star throwbacks, with more to come, all as part of the team’s 50th-anniversary celebration.

The Astros aren’t the only club that’s been bitten by the throwback bug this season. All across MLB, teams are turning back the clock, making this the throwbackiest, retro-est, back to basics-est year in memory — and the season is only one-third over.

Here’s a breakdown of teams besides the Astros that have been going retro, and what they’ve been wearing:

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Originally published: May 31, 2012. Last Updated: May 31, 2012.