Vermont Gardner-Waterman Chapter meeting (Burlington, VT)

The Gardner-Waterman Vermont Chapter will be holding its next meeting from 1:00-4:00 p.m. on Sunday, March 31, 2019, at the Elks Club, 925 North Ave, Burlington, VT 05408. The Elks Club is in Burlington's New North End, roughly a half-mile past Burlington High School. It has abundant parking.

We will have:

  • Our 4th SABR-VT Trivia Contest. (Chuck has won twice. Scott has won once)
  • A Vote on the All-Time, All-Nickname Team (still seeking nominees)
  • Carl Backman will be presenting on "Highlights From the 2019 SABR Analytics Conference"
  • F.X. Flinn will be presenting on "SABR in This Century: A First Crack at History"
  • Show and Tell: At each of our recent meetings, several members have brought really interesting items to show the group. I'm formalizing this into a particular time during our meeting. I will be bringing my collection of Baseball Stadium Postcards.

Hope to see you all there. All baseball fans are welcome to attend!

— Clayton Trutor