Vigderman: Top minor-league defenders in 2018

From Alex Vigderman at ACTA Sports on September 18, 2018:

When a promising position player gets called up from the minors, you almost never hear about his defensive prospects unless they are extreme in one direction or the other. At Baseball Info Solutions, we use Minor League Defensive Runs Saved (DRS) as a tool to expand fans’ knowledge of the defensive side of the game.

We track minor league DRS the same way we do in the majors, even comparing minor leaguers to the same baseline as their big league counterparts. With the 2018 minor league year completed, let’s look at the best of the best in Double-A and Triple-A. You’ll see the leaders at each position with their runs saved total at that position. To allow for comparison between players who are more likely to be future prospects, the leaders are split between ages 23 and younger and ages 24 and older.

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Originally published: September 18, 2018. Last Updated: September 18, 2018.