Was Roger Maris More Deserving of the AL MVP in 1960 or ’61?

From SABR member Cyril Morong at Cybermetrics on April 3:

Was Roger Maris More Deserving Of The MVP Award In 1960 or 1961?

I am not sure he should have gotten it in either year, but if he had to get it, 1960 was actually the better choice.


Maris 1960 vs. Maris 1961 is a very close call. But it looks like if he was deserving of the MVP, 1960 was the better choice.

1960-161 (2nd to Mantle’s 164)
1961-167 (Mantle lead with 206, Cash had 201)

Offensive winning percentage
1960-.751 (2nd to Mantle’s.764)
1961-.739 (5th, Mantle lead with .868, Cash had .864)


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Originally published: April 5, 2011. Last Updated: April 5, 2011.