Wasserstrom: The glass is always half-full: a conversation with Jayson Stark

From Chuck Wasserstrom at MLB Trade Rumors on June 8, 2017, with SABR member Jayson Stark:

There once was a day-and-age when, if your services were no longer needed, you could keep it quiet.

And there once was a day-and-age when, if you were a baseball writer and had a scoop, you would have to do everything you could to keep it under wraps until that revelation appeared in the next day’s newspaper.

In today’s world, though, it’s nearly impossible to keep a secret.

“When I first started, newspapers were king … and we lived in a tomorrow morning world. If you got a story, you had to try to protect it all day and all night,” said Jayson Stark, who has been a fixture on the MLB scene since 1979.

“It’s crazy to think about that, compared to what goes on now – where you hear it and you just tweet it … fire it out there … it’s on your site … you blog it. It’s so amusing to think about the stuff that we had to do to try to guard our stories for hours and hours and hours back in the day.”

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Originally published: June 8, 2017. Last Updated: June 8, 2017.