Watson: The most extreme home runs of the 2015 postseason

From SABR member Owen Watson at FanGraphs on November 4, 2015:

Let’s watch the most unlikely, improbable, and impressive home runs of the playoffs. The lowest, the highest, the furthest, the fastest. Let’s act like we don’t have a missing part of us that can only be filled with baseball. Let’s stop talking about it being winter (cough) and watch some homers.

As with the previous iterations of these articles, data has been farmed from Baseball Savant and HitTrackerOnline. Onward!

Hardest-Hit and Lowest-Apex Home Run
Michael Conforto, NLDS Game 2

Hit off a Zack Greinke 92.6 mph four-seamer, this is one of those home runs that is such a laser that you can barely see the ball travel from the camera’s usual perspective. Marking his very first postseason hit, Conforto hit this really, really hard. Although there is some disagreement between Savant and HittrackerOnline about how fast this came off the bat — the former says 114 mph, the latter 118 — both agree this was harder than any other postseason homer. It also travelled at a maximum height of only 37 feet off the ground, making it nine feet lower than any other postseason homer.

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Originally published: November 4, 2015. Last Updated: November 4, 2015.