Weber: SABR member Cieradkowski spotlights unknown baseball history in new book

From James Weber at on May 5, 2015, on SABR member Gary Cieradkowski:

Gary Cieradkowski always enjoyed talking to his father about baseball. Instead of discussing the current state of the Reds or the Hall of Fame credentials of current players, the conversation usually drifted to players who were long dead and long forgotten.

When his father died five years ago, Cieradkowski found himself with no one to talk to about his passion for the sport. So he created a blog, which has now turned into a book. And that book is available this week, The League of Outsider Baseball: An Illustrated History of Baseball’s Forgotten Heroes.

Cieradkowski will have signings and talks at two Northern Kentucky locations. He will be at Joseph-Beth Booksellers in the Crestview Hills Town Center starting at 7 p.m. Friday, May 8, and the Blue Marble in Fort Thomas May 23. This Friday, he will be signing and giving a presentation.

Cieradkowski, a graphic artist who grew up in New Jersey and now lives in Fort Thomas, has created customized baseball cards to go with all his stories and the book.

“We were very close and we talked about baseball all the time,” Cieradkowski said. “All of a sudden I didn’t have anyone to talk baseball with. I lived in Hollywood at the time. I drew the cards and would talk about these characters my father and I would talk about. I did it for myself in my spare time. Maybe a month or so after I started it, someone got hold of it and it became popular.”

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Originally published: May 6, 2015. Last Updated: May 6, 2015.