Whaley: 1916 Tango Eggs card mysteries abound

From Anson Whaley at Sports Collectors Daily on February 22, 2018:

More than 100 years later, 1916 Tango Eggs baseball cards remain among the hobby’s rarest sets of the era. The set doesn’t even have a  fully confirmed checklist.  It appears to be closely tied to the 1915 E106 American Caramel setbut there’s still plenty we don’t know.

While collectors are aware of this issue today, it wasn’t even widely known until the 1990s when a large find of several hundred cards (accounts on the exact number vary, but it’s usually anywhere from 500-800 cards) was made. Not only that, but the cards that were discovered were in excellent condition, meaning they were almost certainly never issued.

Since then, other low-grade examples have made their way into the hobby indicating that at least some had made their way into the hands of collectors. But much of the population of these cards comes to us from that large discovery. Players found in the discovery were not proportionate. Some had only a few examples but three, Bob Bescher, Buck Weaver, and Hughie Jennings, had many more. Those remain the three most populous cards.

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Originally published: February 23, 2018. Last Updated: February 23, 2018.