Where Are They Now? Baseball Pioneer Ila Borders

From Dan Zeiger of the East Valley (Ariz.) Tribune on March 3:

Ila Borders works in relative anonymity as a firefighter and emergency medical technician in Gilbert, far away from her time as a gender barrier-breaker in the national pastime.

And it can be said, jokingly, that the hazards of her current occupation pale in comparison to when she really felt the heat, while trying to make it in professional baseball as a pitcher.

“Baseball has helped me in this job tremendously,” Borders said. “Dealing with stressful situations and thinking quickly on your feet, getting along with others and having to be a team player and perform – those are all qualifications necessary for both jobs.”

Read the full article here: http://www.eastvalleytribune.com/local/gilbert/article_8bcd572a-4463-11e0-b380-001cc4c03286.html

Originally published: March 3, 2011. Last Updated: March 3, 2011.