Womack: Hall of Fame is shorting baseball stars from 1950s and ’60s

From SABR member Graham Womack at The Sporting News on April 5, 2017:

There has been considerable anxiety recently for Dick Allen and those closest to the 75-year-old Philadelphia Phillies great.

Last summer, the Baseball Hall of Fame tweaked its Veterans Committee process, dividing candidates into four subcommittees:

  • Today’s Game Committee: considers players, managers, umpires and executives retired at least 15 years who made their greatest contributions after 1987;
  • Modern Baseball Committee: looks at 1970-87;
  • Golden Days Committee: looks at 1950-69;
  • Early Days Committee looks at everything prior to 1950.

Allen’s career, which spanned 1963 to 1977, divides fairly neatly between the Golden Days and Modern Baseball committees. On one hand, Allen put up 58 percent of his WAR prior to 1970. But he won his only MVP in 1972. A good case can be made for putting him on either ballot, and rumors have been flying for months about where Allen will wind up. We should know for sure by September.

Read the full article here: http://www.sportingnews.com/mlb/news/best-mlb-players-not-in-the-baseball-hall-of-fame-cooperstown-dick-allen-stats/gmqi1ahzcjvg1wc3b4toe929m

Originally published: April 5, 2017. Last Updated: April 5, 2017.