Young: An almost defense of Kevin Towers

From SABR member Geoff Young at Baseball Prospectus on December 18, 2012:

When the Diamondbacks traded right-hander Trevor Bauer and change in a three-way trade with the Reds and Indians for Didi Gregorius and other change last week, it raised an interesting question: Dude, seriously?

Bauer, taken with the third pick overall in 2011, was being swapped for an athletic shortstop who, according to BP’s Mark Anderson, “may be able to hit only at the bottom of the order, leaving some scouts to project him as a second-division starter and possibly only a utility player.” Acknowledging that Gregorius made a favorable impression in the Arizona Fall League, it’s easy to see why some folks are scratching their heads and/or grabbing their pitchforks.

Let’s leave those people with their heads and pitchforks, and turn instead to some unpopular trades made by current Diamondbacks GM Kevin Towers when he held the same position with the Padres. …

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Originally published: December 18, 2012. Last Updated: December 18, 2012.