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The Baseball Buffet podcast

Produced by SABR’s Baseball and the Media Committee, The Baseball Buffet is our monthly roundtable podcast focusing on recent baseball events, the media’s coverage of the national pastime, and more.

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Scroll down to listen to recent episodes of The Baseball Buffet:

Buffet #36 (February/March 2020): Here in the time of social distancing—which is basically the norm for us buffet podcast purveyors anyway—we lead off with our nominations for the dumbest things ever said by a team owner or a baseball commissioner. Then, we move onto our analysis of the scandalous way that the Astros and Rob Manfred have handled the Astros scandalous ways. Next up, a look at what no one is looking at because everyone is looking at the Houston Astros. And finishing, as always, with our last bites.

Buffet #35 (January 2020): To kick off the new decade, we not-quite-so-buff buffet-chowing baseball buffs lead off with the sign of the times: our all-time favorite baseball sign-stealing, -giving or -missing stories; then it’s onto our incisive analysis of MLB’s latest scandal of the century: the Houston Astros’ video camera-ing, trashcan-banging, sign-stealing ways; followed by a look at this year’s Hall of Fame hits and misses, and the prospects for those on the ballots in 2021 and beyond; and finishing, as always, with our last bites. (29:35)

Buffet #34 (December 2019): For our fin de décennie holiday spectacular, we Santa-hat-wearing food line interlopers begin with our reactions to Hawk Harrelson capturing this year’s the Ford Frick Award; then, onto our analysis of the furious flurry of free agent signings that had occurred since our last pod; after which, we a look at commissioner Rob Manfred’s apparent declaration of war on the affiliated minor leagues; an wrapping up, of course, with our tasty last bites. (24:42)

Buffet #33 (November 2019): This month, we buffet-eating lip smackers and glass clinkers lead off with our reflections on the 2019 World Series. Then we move on to our very special guest, Gary Pressy, recently-retired Chicago Cubs organist. We will talk with him about his 33-year career entertaining fans at Wrigley Field. Next each of us will provide their take on the ten Modern Era Ballot candidates for induction into the Hall of Fame. We finish, as always, with our delectable last bites. Listen closely for the obscure “Player” reference. (26:48)

Buffet #32 (October 2019): This month, we baseball buffs and buffet line crashers offer our World Series predictions and foolishly attempt to hold ourselves accountable for our 2019 division winner predictions from this past March; next, we examine MLB’s annual game of managerial musical chairs; and finally we conclude, as always, with our last bites. (25:02)

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