Appendix 1: Ty Cobb's Hit Totals and Lifetime Batting Average

By Herm Krabbenhoft

This article was published in the Spring 2019 Baseball Research Journal.

Find supplemental research for Herm Krabbenhoft's BRJ article on Ty Cobb's hit total and lifetime batting average. This is the online appendix for Herm Krabbenhoft's "How Many Hits Did Ty Cobb Make in His Major League Career? What Is His Lifetime Batting Average?" Click here to download the PDF file with Herm's appendix. The file includes the following appendices: Appendix 1: Changes in Ty Cobb’s At-Bats and Hits Due to Corrections of Errors in the Official Day-By-Day Records for the 1906, 1910, and 1912 Seasons Appendix . . .

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