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Become a SABR Publications Patron and support our efforts to preserve and share baseball history by reading and donating our publications. Your gift will help grow and transform the future of SABR publications which will include SABR’s traditional books and research journals, the expansion and improvement of, and the launch of SABRcast with Rob Neyer. Each patron level includes a donation of SABR books to a library; you may also elect to have all of your books donated instead of having some delivered to your door.

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If you would prefer to donate to SABR via check, please send your check and a brief note describing the purpose of your donation to:

Cronkite School at ASU
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Please note: Fulfillment of your book orders may take up to 6-8 weeks through Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing.

To learn more about SABR's Donation Program, visit For details, contact Ben Rose at or (602) 496-1465.

UPDATE: June 20, 2019 — We would like to extend our sincere gratitude to all Friends of SABR — our generous donors — for becoming SABR Publications Patrons and supporting our efforts to donate SABR books to libraries, schools, and nonprofit organizations. We have officially achieved the $25,000 goal which has been matched by SABR Director Bill Nowlin!

Nearly 100 SABR members have become Publications Patrons and collectively contributed the resources to donate more than 264 SABR books and a total of $53,156 — in just six weeks!

The SABR Publications Patron campaign is ongoing (although gifts will no longer be matched).

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