1935 Detroit Tigers essays

  • A Sleeping Giant: Detroit in the Mid-1930s By Gary Gillette

    In the decade of the 1930s, Detroit was a city uneasily poised between the Paris of the West of the 1920s and the Arsenal of Democracy of the 1940s. Auto industry titans like Henry Ford, the Dodge Brothers, the Fisher Brothers, Alfred Sloan, and Walter Chrysler had built a powerful industrial engine, but that engine was mostly idling, awaiting a return to prosperity.

  • The Mickey Cochrane Trade: The Babe's Loss was Detroit's Gain By John Milner

    With two games left in the 1933 season, manager Bucky Harris handed in his resignation. Detroit Tigers owner Frank Navin was suddenly in the market for a new skipper. He knew he needed a strong leader to light a spark under his perennially lethargic club. Enter Mickey Cochrane.

  • 1935 Tigers: Season in Review By Greg Erion

    Led by unanimous MVP Hank Greenberg and player-manager Mickey Cochrane, the Detroit Tigers repeated as American League champions in 1935.

  • 'Good Afternoon, Boys and Girls': The 1935 Tigers on the Radio By Matt Bohn

    Detroit Tigers fans in every part of Michigan were focused on the team as they led the pennant race in the fall of 1934. For the first time in 25 years, the team was poised to advance to the World Series. And for the first time in the team’s history, Tigers fans throughout the state were following every game live through the radio.

  • A Mechanical Man, a Hammer, the Goose, and Black Mike: 1935 Detroit Tigers in the Hall of Fame By Doug Lehman

    Four members of the 1935 Detroit Tigers were later elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame. Three of them were among the finest players of their era, while the fourth was a very good player whose election was the subject of debate. All were instrumental in the Tigers’ winning the 1935 championship, their first.

  • 1935 Detroit Tigers: City of Champions By Larry Hilliard and Rob Hilliard

    In 1935 the City of Detroit forged a bond to its sporting teams that is an integral part of the psychology of the city, even today.

  • The 1935 Chicago Cubs By Gregory H. Wolf

    A look at the 1935 Detroit Tigers' opponents in the World Series.

  • 'I Thought I Never Would Get There': The 1935 World Series By Scott Ferkovich

    A recap of the 1935 World Series between the Detroit Tigers and the Chicago Cubs.