1975 Cincinnati Reds essays

  • 1975 Reds: Pete Rose mans the hot corner By Rory Costello

    Pete Rose's move from left field to third base in early May 1975 often receives credit as a pivotal moment in the success of the 1975 Reds — and with good reason. That's when the team began to win consistently, surging to the National League West Division title.

  • 1975 Reds: Looking ahead to the season By Mark Armour

    As the Cincinnati Reds prepared for the 1975 season, they had reason for cautious optimism. The club had plenty of talented players, including some of the biggest stars in the game, and they had been a strong team for several years. But they had not won the World Series in 35 years; and the Los Angeles Dodgers were in their division and were the defending National League champions.

  • 1975 Reds: The postseason By Mark Armour

    Entering the postseason, the 1975 Cincinnati Reds were widely considered to be baseball’s best team — but there was still the matter of winning the World Series. The Reds had lost the 1972 World Series and the 1973 NLCS to teams considered their inferior by most observers, and neither Sparky Anderson nor his veteran stars were satisfied with what they had thus far accomplished.

  • The Big Red Boys of Summer By Steve Treder

    Observing the similarity between two celebrated dynasties — the Brooklyn Dodgers of the 1950s and the Cincinnati Reds of the 1970s — is hardly original, and hardly new. But the comparisons between the two teams are worth exploring in some detail.

  • The Fall of the Big Red Machine, 1976-1981 By Anthony Giacalone

    The Big Red Machine reached its destiny when Cesar Geronimo closed his glove around Carl Yastrzemski’s fly ball on October 22, 1975 at Fenway Park to end the World Series. In that moment of ecstasy and exhaustion the Cincinnati Reds became world champions, finally grasping the ring that had eluded their reach in the first half of the decade. On a cold October night, in Yankee Stadium, nearly one year later, after another brilliant campaign, they successfully defended the title. But then it was over. And while the Reds Empire didn’t exactly fall in the second half of the 1970s, it did stumble.