Baseball and the Arts Research Committee

Welcome to the Baseball and the Arts Committee!

SABR’s Baseball and the Arts Committee promotes the research, education and appreciation for the rich history of performance, literary and visual art inspired by the game of baseball and expressed in the areas of music, poetry, theatre, cinema, painting, sculpture and illustration inspired by, or pertaining to The National Pastime. 

Turnstyle: The SABR Journal of the Baseball Arts, Volume 3Turnstyle: The SABR Journal of Baseball Arts: A special new publication produced by SABR’s Baseball and the Arts Committee vividly brings to life the art and literature of the game we all love with poems, short stories, articles, and baseball art from a variety of contributors. Click on a link below to purchase a copy:

SABR members can download the e-book edition for free or get 50% off the paperback edition.

Other Committee Projects:
1) Compile an index of songs related to baseball.
2) Compile an index of poetry related to baseball.
3) Compile an index of movies and plays related to baseball.
4) Compile a list of players, past and present, who are known for their artistic talents.

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