Baseball Cards Research Committee

Re-established in 2016, the Baseball Cards Research Committee has the following purposes and goals:

A. Encourage more interactive knowledge sharing about the history and importance of baseball cards as a representation of the game itself. This research will help document the link between the baseball card industry and the game’s popularity.

B. Research the history of the relationship between statistics and baseball cards. (i.e. when baseball cards starting publishing RBI, Stolen Bases, etc.)

C. Provide a forum for discussion on the following aspects of the baseball card industry: Memorable, important and famous series designs; the late ’80s, early ’90s influx of new card sets and limited edition inserts, and their effect on the hobby’s health; documentation on all of the major card companies and important figures in the evolution of the baseball card industry; research into the evolution of the game as viewed through the lens of baseball cards (batting gloves, player/managers, the DH, record-setting achievements, the steroids era, etc.)

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  • Jefferson Burdick Award: In 2020, SABR’s Baseball Cards Committee established the Jefferson Burdick Award, honoring individuals who have made significant contributions to the baseball card hobby. Click here to learn more and to view award winners.
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