Bibliography Guide No. 8: Index of Sporting News’ “Daguerreotypes of Great Stars of Baseball”

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Research Guide No. 8: Index of Sporting News’ Daguerreotypes of Great Stars of Baseball

Editor’s note: This guide was first published by the SABR Bibliography Committee in 1987. To download the original in PDF form, click here.

By Bob McConnell
July 1987

Seven editions of Daguerreotypes have been published: 1934, 1951, 1958, 1961, 1968, 1971 and 1981.

The initial edition in 1934 carried, in addition to the year-by-year playing records, biographical sketches of the players. Subsequent editions did not include the biographical sketches except as noted below.

The 1951, 1958 and 1961 editions had a 23 page writeup on an all-time team as selected by Fred Lieb.

Starting with the 1968 edition, standards were set and a person had to meet at least one of these standards in order to be included in the book. The standards were: (1) Batting – 2000 major league games played, career batting average of .300 with minimum of ten years in the major leagues, 2000 major league hits, 200 major league home runs. (2) Pitching – 4000 innings pitched in the major leagues, 175 major league victories, 2000 strikeouts in the major leagues. (3) Member of Baseball Hall of Fame.

* Designates a person who served in baseball in some capacity other than as a player and had no playing record. A biographical sketch is given. Some people gained their fame in a non-playing capacity, but did have a playing record and they are not included in this group

# Designates Negro League players who had no playing record in Organized Baseball. Biographical sketches are given, but no Negro League playing records are included.

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