Business of Baseball Research Committee

Welcome to the Business of Baseball Committee! 

The Business of Baseball Committee was founded in 1994 by the late Doug Pappas. Our mission is to study all aspects of baseball administration and off-the-field activity including economic, organizational, labor and legal issues.

Business of Baseball files: These files, which are available for download, include MLB collective bargaining agreements, labor lawsuits and legislation, antitrust hearings, performance-enhancing drug memos and Congressional testimony, and other documents. 

1915 Federal League case files: The committee has made available scanned documents from the original filing of the 1915 Federal Baseball lawsuit against organized baseball. This is the civil case in which the Federal League of Professional Baseball Clubs sued both the American League of Professional Baseball Clubs and the National League of Professional Baseball Clubs, as well as various teams and owners, over the signing of players already under contract in the former league. (The precursor to the famous 1922 Supreme Court decision in the Baltimore Baseball Club case.) In this anti-trust case, the Federal League claimed the American and National Leagues controlled baseball commerce. The case involved many of the leading baseball figures of the day, such as Charles Comiskey, August Herrmann, Joseph Tinker, Lee Magee, Cornelius McGillicuddy (Connie Mack), Charles Ebbets, and Charles Weeghman. Included in the records are affidavits, contracts, exhibits, petitions, notices, complaints, memorandums, and the judgment. The scanned documents represent nearly 2,000 pages.

MLB Team Employee Directory project: The committee is seeking volunteers to help with a new project: building a historical database of Major League Baseball team employees. This is an exciting initiative that should give us a new lens into major-league front and back offices, from team owners to ticket sales. To accomplish this project, we need volunteers to enter data from information sources, principally team media guides, into a spreadsheet. You do not need to have any of the sources — if you have interest in a particular team (or year), we will provide you the sources electronically. If you do have a source with the relevant information and would be willing to enter it into a spreadsheet, that would be terrific as well. We have a sample spreadsheet we will send showing the information we would like to include. Please contact Dan Levitt at with any questions, or to request a team or year to work on. Click here to learn more about the project.

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