Collegiate Baseball Research Committee

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Collegiate baseball has a rich history stretching back to before the years when college-educated Christy Mathewson transformed the popular image of the ballplayer and paved the way for men like Columbia University’s Lou Gehrig. Today, baseball powerhouses in the sunbelt provide a steady stream of professionals to complement the out-of-high-school players trained in the rookie and A-ball leagues. There is a vast amount of research waiting to be done, and the Collegiate Committee is looking for members with an interest in pursuing the documentation of this neglected field of baseball history.

The committee maintains the Major League Baseball Collegiate Database, which is available in the SABR/Baseball-Reference Encyclopedia.

  • SABR Collegiate Baseball Team Guides: The SABR Collegiate Baseball Team Guides represent a summary of information gathered by members of the Collegiate Baseball Committee. The guides attempt to provide a comprehensive record of key components of each school’s intercollegiate baseball program, including head coaches, win-loss records, postseason records, and alumni who have played in the major leagues, minor leagues, or Negro Leagues. A separate file exists for each school. Counting inactive programs, approximately 2,000 schools have fielded an intercollegiate baseball team since the first game between Williams and Amherst in 1859. Click here to learn more.
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