Educational Resources Committee

The Educational Resources Committee was approved by SABR’s Board of Directors in September 2012.

The purpose of the Committee is to help educators develop and expand courses using baseball as a teaching tool, assisting educators in using baseball to better understand subjects such as physics, history, literature, the arts and/or culture. The Committee will gather information to build baseball teaching resources and present these to the public. The committee’s scope will embrace both classroom and online courses ranging from elementary school through high school and college, to lifelong learning programs.

Student Group Affiliate Memberships: For an annual fee, a group of up to 25 college/university students (or up to 20 high school/middle school students) can receive a one-year electronic SABR affiliate membership. Any educational class or student group at the middle school, high school or college/university level is eligible for a SABR affiliate membership, as long as a faculty member, teacher, or advisor is an active SABR member (or registers to join.) Students will have access to many of the electronic benefits that SABR members enjoy, including “This Week in SABR,” e-book editions of the Baseball Research Journal and The National Pastime, free SABR e-books, and access to the members-only section of Click here to learn more.

Add to our collection of Baseball Syllabi: SABR’s Educational Resources Committee is collecting educational resources which we hope to make available to the public. If you teach a baseball-related course or class, or use your class for a baseball-related educational activity, please help us add to our depository of information. Click here to fill out our Baseball Syllabi form or click here to fill out our Baseball Educational Activity form.

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