Minor Leagues Committee: Volunteer Research Mentors

Minor League Committee Volunteer Research Mentors

These members of the SABR Minor Leagues Committee have volunteered their time to help you with your research needs. Below is a listing of their names, e-mail addresses, hometowns and areas where they can assist you. If you would like to be added to this list of members, contact George Pawlush at george.pawlush@wilkes.edu.


Ron Selter, rselter@att.net (El Segundo, CA)
Ballparks and MLB homeruns

Mitch Lutzke, lutzke4727@aol.com (Williamston, MI)
Minor leagues in Michigan in the 1880s and 1890s; the barn-storming Page Fence Giants, black team from 1895-98; also can help you research through Newspapers.com.

Rich Klein, sabrgeek@aol.com (Plano, TX)
Any general research

Bob Bailey, bobbailey@cox.net (Gainesville, FL)
Statistical records of every game played in the Junior World Series and Dixie Series

George Pawlush, George.pawlush@wilkes.edu (Cheshire, CT)
Baseball in Connecticut and Northeastern Pennsylvania; how to self-publish your book

James Storer, sabrman@aol.com   (New Haven, CT)
Any general research

Keith Robbins, kspaldingrr@gmail.com (Wake Forest, NC)
Any general research

Tom Hagerty, hagertytd@gmail.com (El Paso, TX)
Any general research

Warren Shapiro, wmsshapiro00@yahoo.com (Great Neck, NY)
Any general research

Will Christensen, baseballtruth@extrteem.com (Chicago, IL)
TSN Guides back to 1942; Reach/Spalding Guides back to the 1800s; Story of the Minor Leagues, published by the NA in 1952; and access to Newspapers.com and Newspaperarchives.com

Reed Howard, reed.howard@verizon.net (Wilmington, DE)
Records and bios of all players who are known to have played in the organized minor leagues; league summaries, standings; player performance on most minor leagues from 1877 to 1907

Bill McMahon, mcmahon@uakron.edu   (Akron, OH)
Minor league research, 1930-62

Geoff Griffin, griffin_geoff@hotmail.com (Salt Lake City, UT)
House of David barnstorming teams of the early 20th century

Alan Cohen, adc0317@comcast.net (West Hartford, CT)
Hearst Classic; Sunday baseball; and Negro League baseball

John Cronin, johncroninjr@verizon.net (New Providence, NJ)
Pre-1930 minor league team affiliations; New York Yankee farm clubs, especially 1930-62

Bill Scheeren, scheerenwj@comcast.net (Greensburg, PA) 
Middle Atlantic League; Pennsylvania State Association

David Scott, davidascott@gmail.com (Copley, OH)
Akron, Ohio, AA Eastern League (Cleveland Indians)

Chris Gallutia, cgallutia@yahoo.com (Reynoldsburg, OH)
Columbus, Ohio minor league baseball from the 1880s  

Brian Engelhardt, bengelhardt@comcast.net (Reading, PA)
Reading, PA baseball; Baseball in Berks County, PA 

Patrick Carpentier, ppcarpentier@compuserve.com (Montreal, QC)
Minor league baseball in the Province of Ontario, Canada

Thomas Brown, thomasjbrownjr@gmail.com (Durham, NC)
Durham Bulls; Mets players and games

Rocky Bauer, jrocko44@gmail.com (Hammond, OR)
Baseball in Portland, OR; Northwest League and Pacific Coast League bio’s; Reach and Spalding Guides; database of most Portland pros

Chuck McGill, cmcgill.vt@gmail.com (Westford, VT)
Newspapers.com; digital collection of nearly 1,300 minor league photos; images of career minor league players; digital copies of 700 minor league schedules

Martin Lacoste, martlaco1@rogers.com (Kitchener, ON)
19th-century Canadian minor leagues and teams

Kevin McCann, kdmccann27@comcast.net
Kitty League

John Carlson, trinityjack2@gmail.com (Beavercreek, OH)
Dayton, Ohio professional baseball, 1882-2000

Chuck Johnson, mjohns2@cox.net (Surprise, AZ)
Eastern League from the mid-1960s to mid-1980s; Arizona baseball related, 1990s on

Thomas Larwin, Lar.11@cox.net (San Diego, CA)
San Diego regional baseball history; Access to the Sullivan Family Center’s publications and periodicals


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