Statistical Analysis Research Committee

Welcome to the Statistical Analysis Committee!

The committee’s initial members — Pete Palmer, Bill James, and Dick Cramer — began it in 1975 to encourage the exchange of research and analysis. A focus for the committee is the study of various empirical evaluations in use and in development. The committee provides a major communications link for researchers in the field.

Want to learn more about sabermetrics? Check out our Guide to Sabermetric Research at

In 2003, the committee published an anthology with the best articles from the By The Numbers newsletter. Click here to download the PDF edition of The Best of By The Numbers.

  • Website/social media: Check out the new Statistical Analysis Committee website at or follow us on Twitter at @SabrStat for timely updates and discussion.
  • Newsletters: The committee newsletter, By The Numbers, is published quarterly. To find current and past Statistical Analysis committee newsletters, click here.
  • Sabermetrics Bibliography: Charlie Pavitt maintains a bibliography of academic and journal-published sabermetric research. This version is as of August 17, 2022. Click here for Introduction and Description (.doc) and click here for Bibliography (.xls).
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