2020 SABR Day: South Carolina

The new Larry Doby Chapter held its first SABR Day meeting on January 31, 2020, in Columbia, South Carolina. Tina Whitlock did a great job finding the venue and organizing the guest speakers. Necessary items that were voted on: 1) The name of our new chapter is The Larry Doby Chapter. 2) The Chairperson is Tim Deale. 3) The Co-Vice Chairpersons are Tina Whitlock and Steve Benke. 4) The Social Media Director is Dia. It is important for us to have involvement in social media so we can attract more members and awareness to SABR.

We met at Apex Performance Training in Columbia. An impressive business to say the least. We learned about some of the technology being used in sports today, such as the K-Motion vest, Trac-Man, and the Diamond Kinetic Ball.

Among the guests were Jack Wyncoop, a minor league pitcher for the Colorado Rockies; Charles Peterson, a former professional baseball player and now a scout with the St. Louis Cardinals; and Tina Whitlock, the newest female coaching in professional baseball. She will be a coach for the Cardinals affiliate in Florida.

We talked about a trip to the Shoeless Joe Jackson Museum when it re-opens in the spring. We have been invited by the museum and the city of Greenville. 

There was much more but I am not a great note taker (that's why I would like a chapter secretary!) We had a great time and went well past our scheduled time. 

I am working on our next meeting location and venue. I am asking members in the Florence area to find a venue for us to hold our meeting. The meeting will be on or before February 21. It can be Monday through Saturday. You don't need to compete with the January venue, we just need a place to meet. 

Trivia question. The winner receives a prize at the February meeting. In the last 100 years, who is the leader in "hit by pitch?"

I look forward to hearing from you soon,

— Tim Deale