Fr. Gerald Beirne

Fr. Gerald Beirne has been a priest in Rhode Island since 1962, but his history with baseball goes back to a game at Braves Field in the late 1940s; his next was a night game also at the Wigwam. However the Red Sox now have a never-ending hold on his baseball passion. He still regrets that “Willoughby and Clemens were taken out.” His most exciting sport memory will always be sitting to the right of home plate on October 1, 1967, when the “Impossible Dream” Red Sox vanquished the Twins to win the American League championship, and he has made that experience into a 20-minute sermon. He has been a member of SABR since 1983 when his first and only book The New England Sports Trivia Quiz Book was published.


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  • September 21, 1938: Storm of the Century hits Boston’s Braves Field

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  • 1967 Red Sox: Providence and the Pennant

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