Marcus W. Dickson

MARCUS W. DICKSON is a Professor of Organizational Psychology at Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan. He plays base ball by the rules of 1867 for the Greenfield Village Lah-de-dahs, and is a member of SABR’s 19th Century Committee, and of the Rules and Customs committee of the Vintage Base Ball Association. Writing about the only 19th-century game in this collection was thus a natural for him. He is currently writing a chapter about the base ball winter meetings of 1866. His favorite teams are the Tigers, Pirates, Crawfords, and Unions of Morrisania (the champions of 1867). He lives in Farmington, Michigan, with his wife Heather, and son, Michael.



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  • April 28, 1896: There used to be a hay market here: Detroit Tigers open Bennett Park

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  • 1867 Winter Meetings: National Association of Base Ball Players Annual Convention

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