John Dewan

John Dewan (1954 – ): John Dewan has spent his career bringing sports statistics to baseball fans and analysts starved for information. First as the executive director of Project Scoresheet, then as a co-founder and CEO of STATS, Inc., and once more as the principal owner of Baseball Info Solutions, John has time and again led the creation of the systems and techniques necessary to collect accurate, comprehensive and timely baseball data. As CEO of STATS Inc, John led STATS’ transition from a small organization serving a handful of teams to the primary sports-data provider of the Internet age, compiling nearly every number imaginable in real-time. After selling STATS in 2000, Dewan returned to baseball data in 2002, co-creating Baseball Info Solutions; he now serves as CEO. The company’s Defensive Runs Saved and underlying defensive data, along with their five volumes of The Fielding Bible, are widely viewed as the best publicly available sources of defensive data.


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