Peter Morris

Peter Morris (1962- ) Although he came to prominence by winning the first World Scrabble Championship in 1991, Peter Morris’s enduring fame is likely to come from his contributions to baseball research and literature. In these he has exhibited a combination of inventiveness, thoroughness, and clear love for the old ball game. Morris’s first book, Baseball Fever, was a detailed look at Michigan baseball from its beginnings up to the 1870s. His second book, the two-volume Game of Inches, examined the origins of every aspect of baseball, from the game itself to the first use of an exploding scoreboard. But Didn’t We Have Fun? recreated the spirit of bygone days in the words of old-time players and fans, reminding us how and why baseball became our game. A prolific author of scholarly articles, a detective skilled in all the ways of internet sleuthing, and a maestro of collaborative efforts, Morris points the way for the coming generation to make its contribution to baseball history.


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