Allan Roth Chapter meeting recap – 9/6/2014

Twenty-nine members and guests met at LA84 in Los Angeles on September 6, 2014, for the Southern California SABR regional meeting of the Allan Roth Chapter.

Rob Goldman provided a detailed look at his new biography of Nolan Ryan. Goldman was a batboy with the Angels and developed a lasting friendship with Ryan.

The trivia contest winners were Dave Anderson Jr., Andy McCue, and Tom Nahigian. Rick Smith led a discussion about which player you would have liked to have seen in person.

The chapter discussed Bud Selig’s legacy and the new commissioner. We also delved into the designated hitter and interleague play.

David Holtz and other members who had attended the Houston convention reviewed the highlights.

Al Parnis will set up a return to the Los Angeles Sports Museum.

— Barry Mednick