Baltimore Babe Ruth Chapter meeting recap – 11/13/2021

Baltimore Baseball, edited by Bill NowlinOn Sunday, November 13, 2021, we began the unofficial countdown to SABR 50 with the public launching and signing of the new Baltimore Baseball book. More than 50 people contributed to it, and thanks to Bill Nowlin for getting it released now prior to the holidays to increase sales and possibly interest in the convention next summer.

Thanks to the panel of authors/speakers who appeared at the Babe Ruth Birthplace on Sunday. John Burbridge, Bill Haelig, Paul Scimonelli, Jimmy Keenan, David Stinson, and myself spoke along with Mike Gibbons who wrote the forward and was our emcee. Chris Corrigan was in the audience as well as got to speak about his contributions too.

COVID-19 changed the world and threw all of us many curveballs. Many people lost their life or lost their job. The entire world was affected and numerous things changed. As we slowly emerge from the pandemic into the new normal, here is hoping baseball will bring many of us together once again.

Next summer (finally) the convention will return and the baseball spotlight will shine on Baltimore for a few days. Along with the Babe Ruth Foundation and the cooperation of the Baltimore Orioles and other local baseball organizations, we hope to bring you the best and largest convention in history. It has been a long time since the last one and it will be good to see all of you again. We will also be celebrating the 30th anniversary of Camden Yards next year (thank you JMS!),

As someone who has been part of the Baltimore Chapter since day one (Bruce Brown roped me in quick) I can tell you we have been very fortunate to have wonderful members and leaders. But we were also lucky in having a partner in the Babe Ruth Birthplace & Museum. Our earliest meetings were held at Sports Legends Museum and the birthplace. We have held many a monthly gathering there (pre-COVID) and the museum and staff have supported us every step of the way. A big applause needs to be extended to Mike Gibbons (Director Emeritus) and Shawn Herne (current Executive Director) for embracing and supporting our chapter. We certainly would not be where we are in 2021 without them and their constant support.

As we wind down the calendar year 2021, I ask you to consider joining the Babe Ruth Birthplace as a member like you would the Hall of Fame. Or consider making a small end of year donation. The pandemic has done a number on non-profits as you can imagine. Or if you can’t, make sure you come by during the convention if you have never been. The Birthplace is a few blocks from Oriole Park and certainly is one of THE most important baseball places on earth. True fans need to make a pilgrimage at least once.

In closing, be on the lookout for updates to our events for 2022. We plan on having in-person events starting at the end of January with SABR Day 2022 at the Peabody Heights Brewery. That event will be February 6 (birthday of Babe Ruth FYI).

Best wishes to all of you in this upcoming holiday season. I look forward to meeting those who I do not know next summer in Baltimore. Feel free to email or call/text me anytime. I always have time for baseball fans.

— Peter Coolbaugh
VP – Baltimore/Babe Ruth Chapter