Bob Broeg St. Louis Chapter meeting recap – 7/20/2015

Seventeen members and guests of the Bob Broeg St. Louis Chapter gathered at The Original Crusoe’s Restaurant in South St. Louis on Monday, July 20, 2015.

Chapter president Brian Flaspohler called the meeting to order and reminded everyone of the upcoming Research Conference on Saturday, August 22. The conference will be from 2:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. at the Sachs Branch of the St. Louis County Library, 16400 Burkhardt Pl., Chesterfield, MO. There will be five presenters on the agenda with a diverse set of topics.

Those from the chapter that attended the SABR 45 convention in Chicago were largely positive, especially with the various presentations they were able to witness.

Rich Applegate presented the topic “What if Hodges and Durocher Switched Teams in 1969?” and speculated that perhaps the Cubs would have won the World Series. He cited J.C. Martin who played for both men as saying that in difficult situations Hodges would not panic, whereas Durocher would cause panic.

Items highlighted in our ‘Today in Baseball History’ segment centered around three no-hitters that were pitched on this date: Mal Eason of Brooklyn no-hit the Cardinals 2-0 in 1906, in 1958 Jim Bunning of Detroit no-hit the Red Sox 3-0, and in 1970 Bill Singer of the Dodgers no-hit the Phillies 5-0.

Bob Tiemann gave a presentation on “Double D” Dave Davenport and the Original Curse of Kansas City concerning the 1915 season of the Federal League. Davenport of the St. Louis Terriers was 22-18 for the season but could not defeat the Kansas City Packers, going 0-6 in eight starts and one relief appearance.

Other topics of discussion were the All-Star game in Cincinnati, the possible shortening of the schedule in future years, and the look forward for the second half and the possible needs for the Cardinals and other teams in the National League Central Division.

Bob Tiemann’s trivia topic this month was Hall of Fame and non-Hall of Fame Managers. Mark Stangl was the winner with a score of 54 out of 66.

The next regular chapter meeting will be Tuesday, September 15th at Crusoe’s.

— Jim Leefers, Secretary