Buck O’Neil/North Florida Chapter meeting recap – 9/7/2022

Buck O’Neil/North Florida Chapter members gathered in the conference room at Blu Halo for their monthly meeting on September 7, 2022, in Tallahassee, Florida. In attendance were:

  • Matt Keelean, Chapter President
  • Jim Wolf
  • Kent Putnam
  • Rick Swain
  • Brent Kallestad
  • Glenn Robertson
  • Bruce Grant
  • Fred Dunphy
  • Chuck Rosciam
  • Frank Alarcon
  • Jim Turner
  • Renee Watters
  • Ben Gaddis

Members initially engaged in casual conversation.  President Keelean called the meeting to order at 6:30. Batting leadoff was Chuck Rosciam who described the status of the Chapter’s annual MLB prediction contest.  Current leaders are Matt, Bruce, and Chuck, followed one point back by Ben, Jim Wolf, and Clint. 

No chapter members attended SABR 50 in Baltimore but online reviews were generally positive.  Many of the presentations can be seen or heard on the SABR website.  SABR 51 will be held in Chicago July 5-9, 2023, and headquartered at the Palmer House Hotel. 

The format for next year’s MLB schedule will be different, with more interleague games.

Kent Putnam reported on The Church of Baseball by Ron Shelton.  He enjoyed the book but his bottom line was that the emphasis is on the art of movie making and less so baseball.  Buyer beware. 

General sports talk then ensued, topics including:

  • College athletes gaining the right to earn money
  • Minor league players voting to organize and be represented by the MLB players association
  • Favorite baseball movies
  • The contract status–present and future–of Aaron Judge
  • Excessive noise at live baseball games
  • Controversy in the signing of Freddie Freeman by the Dodgers
  • The futures of the Rays, the Nationals, and the Athletics, possibly involving new stadiums or relocation.
  • The Savannah Bananas

A spirited discussion was had regarding the location of future Chapter meetings.  Jim Wolf’s compromise suggestion of alternating the sites every other month was well received.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 8:30 PM. 

Respectfully submitted,

Kent Putnam, Chapter Secretary

  • Secretary’s Postscript: The MLB website shows that the Cubs will play the Padres at Wrigley Field on July 2, 2023, but then go on the road until the All Star Break.  The White Sox will host the Blue Jays and Cardinals during the SABR 51 week.