Central Virginia Chapter meeting recap – 10/11/2022

SABR’s Central Virginia Chapter held our first in-person meeting on Tuesday, October 11, 2022, in Charlottesville, Virginia. Participating were Tom Hardiman, Brian Harl, and Bill Maisainnes.

The group discussed the following:

New library for members. We have 25 or so books available for members to check out. Brian added three more books.

Tom submitted a proposal to SABR for our chapter to host the 2023 Jerry Malloy Conference in Richmond in August. More info to follow as it becomes available.

Brian serves on the SABR Baseball Landmarks Committee. The Committee is working on completing a comprehensive map of all baseball “landmarks” and Brian needs our help reviewing and adding more Virginia landmarks to the map. He will follow up with more detail.

Brian also mentioned that some historical markers are in need of maintenance, repair, or replacement. Perhaps this would be a good initiative for our chapter to consider.

We discussed the next meeting and wanted to poll members to determine the best time/location to increase attendance. Brian and Bill will also look at content/agenda items form other chapters to ideas.

More to follow soon!

— Tom Hardiman