Sweet Lou Johnson Lexington Chapter meeting recap – 4/27/2019

The Sweet Lou Johnson Lexington Chapter of SABR met on Saturday, April 27, 2019, and had an awesome baseball time!

We skyped with our guest speaker, Jacob Pomrenke. Jacob is the SABR Director of Editorial Content and Chairman of SABR’s Black Sox Scandal Research Committee and the editor of Scandal on the South Side: The 1919 Chicago White Sox. Jacob shared all kinds of cool information about his committee’s Eight Myths Out project. We all learned so much. After Jacob’s visit, our members discussed the value of studying history and how the story of events can change as new information comes to light. Jacob’s presentation inspired several members to consider doing their own baseball research. Thank you Jacob!

Our member Bob Tannenbaum kicked off our new Game Day Project by telling the story of a baseball game he attended as a boy in the Catskill Mountains. Thank you Bob! You are a great storyteller!

Congratulations Don Boes! Don won the Baseball Trivia Game! Members all contributed questions for the quiz and it was very challenging!

Bret Ripley, Michael Burnley and Cindy Baker joined the CHLSS division at BCTC for a tailgating event prior to the UK Baseball Game on Friday May 2! We had a great time!


*1 pm, SATURDAY, May 18—Potluck picnic & Bluegrass Barons Base Ball Game at Waveland Museum

*1 pm, SATURDAY, June 8 Meeting. Guest Speaker—John McMurray—the Chairman of SABR’s Oral History Project! (Tates Creek Branch Lexington Public Library)

Just a reminder–participation in our local meetings is absolutely FREE! All baseball fans are invited to attend! And bring a friend!

Please let me know if you’d like to present baseball research or baseball stories at a future meeting. Also, let me know if you’d like to write our baseball trivia game. We’ll put you on the schedule! Batter up!

— Cindy Baker