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Check out our interactive Fall 2011 BRJ cover collage. Who’s on the cover and why are these players significant in the SABR Era?

When you received your special 40th anniversary issue of the Fall 2011 Baseball Research Journal, the first thing you probably noticed was the collage of images on the cover. These players, stadiums and moments each represent something special in the SABR Era — the period of baseball history from our organization’s founding on August 10, 1971 to the present.

As editor Cecilia Tan wrote:

We don’t often do “themed” issues, but to celebrate our 40th anniversary, we asked for papers looking at 1971 (the year of SABR’s founding) to the present. We hoped to encourage new contributors to try publication and also to remind folks that the present is history in the making. If we do not record our current era, we make the task of future historians harder. What we received ranges from pieces that reference SABR directly, like Rick Schell’s look at how SABR and computers grew up together, to others that overlap or loosely coincide with the “SABR era,“ like Tim Ponisciak’s history of tabletop baseball games and Zachary Jendro’s article on baseball museums since 1971. The BRJ is an interdisciplinary journal, and the diversity of the fields represented here shows that.

Here we offer an interactive look at the images included on the cover of the Fall 2011 Baseball Research Journal.

Click on each of the images below to learn more about its significance in the SABR Era:


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