Game-Winning Homers Against Old Club in Day After Trade

This article was written by Bob Tiemann

This article was published in 1989 Baseball Research Journal

WOODIE HELD was sitting on the Baltimore bench during the first months of the 1967 season. But at the June 15 trading deadline; he was sent to the California Angels. The Angels had arrived in Baltimore, and the next day, June 16, they played a doubleheader against the Orioles. Their starting shortstop, Jim Fregosi, was hurt early in the opener, and Held was brought into the game. 

Woodie hit a tie-breaking home run in the ninth inning to give the Angels a 2-1 victory over his old teammates.  He started the second game and began the scoring with a two-run homer in the third inning. The Angels built the lead to 5-0 and finally won 5-3. 

So Woodie Held hit not one but two game-winning home runs against the Baltimore Orioles on the very next day after they traded him away.