The All-Time Team of Bob Davids Chapter Natives

This article was written by Bruce Brown

This article was published in the The National Pastime: Monumental Baseball (Washington, DC, 2009)

The geography that includes the District of Columbia, Virginia, Maryland, central Pennsylvania, eastern West Virginia, and southern Delaware roughly defines the boundaries of the original chapter of the Society for American Baseball Research. Bob Davids, a Washington, D.C., resident, founded the Society in. There are approximately 7,000 members worldwide, but this chapter alone has almost 500 members. This imaginary team has been assembled using the best players born within those boundaries. Hall of Famers are indicated by an asterisk. All-Stars are in solid caps. 

Bob Davids Chapter All-Time Roster (D. BRUCE BROWN)

Bob Davids Chapter All-Time Roster (D. BRUCE BROWN)

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