Three Men on Third

This article was written by L. Robert Davids

This article was published in 1977 Baseball Research Journal

    What about the old story that the Brooklyn Dodgers once had three base runners on one base? Well, it might get embellished with the telling, but it is basically true. The date was August 15, 1926, first game of twos, Boston Braves at Brooklyn. It is the seventh inning with the bases full of Bums. Babe Herman hits the ball off the rightfield wall. Catcher Hank DeBerry scores from third, but pitcher Dazzy Vance, on second, holds up, thinking the ball would be caught. Finally he takes off, rounds third and heads for home. But the ball is thrown home and Vance heads back to third. He is met there by Chick Fewster, the runner who had been on first, and Herman the hitter who was right on his heels. They decide to let Vance have possession of third and head back toward second, but both are tagged out. The fielding play on  Boston’s part went from rightfielder Welsh to second baseman Gautreau to catcher Siemer, to third baseman Taylor to Gautreau, who came over from second. What it came down to for Herman was doubling into a double play.