Announcing the new SABR Baseball Games Project

By Mark Armour

I am happy to announce the creation of a great new SABR endeavor:

The SABR Baseball Games Project

This is being spawned by the popular and successful Baseball Biography Project, and will live within our committee for now. However, once it is up and running, I hope that it will behave more as a sibling than as an offspring.

What is it? It is just like the BioProject except that the articles will be about games rather than people. The stories will not be first-person recollections or recitations of play-by-play. They will be stories that help bring a game to life. The articles will be smaller than a biography (500 to 1,500 words) and much easier to research. For those of you intimidated by researching a person, perhaps this project will be to your liking.

If you want to get involved in researching and writing, but don’t know if you are ready to tackle a full life story, this might be the perfect project for you. Do you want to write about your first game? Do you want to write about each of the games in the 1964 World Series? Or Babe Ruth’s final game? Or all of the perfect games? Or when Rick Monday saved the flag, or the Homer in the Gloamin’, or Gil McDougald KO-ing Herb Score, or The Ruth is Mighty and Shall Prevail, or Jim Creighton’s final game, or DiMaggio’s 39th in a row, or Matty Alou’s first game?

Find a few game stories and you’re ready. Explain the game’s context (how were the teams and key players doing, what did the game mean at the time), and then tell us what happened. That’s about it.

Here are three example articles, listed at the top of this page:

Eventually, they will have their own snazzy home, but they are here for now.

There are three project leaders and these are the people you should communicate with.

We will be carving out a part of the BioProject website for this, with its own main landing page. This is not quite ready, but the rest of the project is more than ready so we thought it was time to get going. For those of you who have written for the BioProject, your games articles will show up on your author page just like your bios. The projects should work together seemlessly.

There is much more information here, including author guidelines and research tips:

For any other questions, contact the people I list above.

Originally published: January 8, 2014. Last Updated: January 8, 2014.