Call for papers: 2013 Pitch F/X Summit at SABR Analytics Conference

Our friends at Sportvision encourage interested participants and analysts to submit a paper for presentation at the 5th PITCHf/x Summit at the 2013 SABR Analytics Conference, March 7-9 in Phoenix, Arizona.

Topics related to PITCHf/x, HITf/x, COMMANDf/x and FIELDf/x are welcome. Past topics include Aging Curves, Plate Discipline, Catcher Framing, FIELDf/x Fielder Metrics and many, many more! Further developments in those area as well as new topics are encouraged.

Please submit abstracts and data sample requests via e-mail to Graham Goldbeck.

In its inaugural year, the SABR Analytics Conference attracted an international audience of almost 300 attendees, including MLB front office personnel from 18 teams. Integrating these two popular gatherings of influential baseball analysts and thought leaders will further enhance this event as the premier baseball analytics conference. Sportvision will manage a series of presentations specifically related to f/x data much like the PITCHf/x Summit. The presentations will be integrated with other SABR Analytics talks throughout the course of the event.

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Originally published: November 12, 2012. Last Updated: November 12, 2012.