Cleveland Indians go behind the numbers with analytics department

From Stephanie Storm at the Akron Beacon Journal on February 3, 2014, on SABR members Keith Woolner and Sky Andrecheck:

One carries degrees from MIT and Stanford. The other from the University of Illinois.

One grew up a Boston Red Sox fan. The other cheered for the Chicago Cubs.

These are not facts about players competing for a spot in a starting rotation or even top prospects in a minor-league system. Yet, their mathematical abilities might be just as valuable to the Indians.

These two, Keith Woolner and Sky Andrecheck, crunch numbers as the two key members of the Indians’ behind-the-scenes analytic department — another way they seek to find a competitive edge to help translate into more wins.

Whether the Indians are evaluating their players, looking to perfect their game-by-game strategy, or pursuing possible trades, Woolner, 45, and Andrecheck, 32, are involved. And with technology playing an ever increasing role in baseball, their statistical manipulation is used in many ways.


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Originally published: February 4, 2014. Last Updated: February 4, 2014.