Effectively Wild: The overlooked Negro Leagues legend, John Donaldson

From SABR member Ben Lindbergh and Jeff Sullivan at Effectively Wild podcast on November 24, 2017, with SABR member Peter Gorton:

Ben Lindbergh and Jeff Sullivan profess their thanks for each other, answer listener emails about the 1890s Orioles’ field manipulations, the importance of Carlos Beltran to the 2017 Astros, and how free-agent auctions would work, then welcome researcher Peter Gorton and director Paul Irmiter to talk about little-known Negro Leagues legend and scouting pioneer John Donaldson, their efforts to uncover Donaldson’s stats, and their forthcoming Donaldson documentary, 39 Seconds.

Listen to the full interview here: https://www.fangraphs.com/blogs/effectively-wild-episode-1141-the-overlooked-negro-leagues-legend/

Originally published: November 28, 2017. Last Updated: November 28, 2017.