Fall 2011 listings for The SABR Bookshelf

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Fall 2011

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  • Wizardry: Baseball’s All-Time Greatest Fielders Revealed, by Michael Humphreys
  • Moneyball, by Michael Lewis (republished)
  • Baseball Is …: Defining the National Pastime, edited by Paul Dickson
  • Fenway 1912: The Birth of a Ballpark, a Championship Season, and Fenway’s Remarkable First Year, by Glenn Stout
  • The Deacon and the Schoolmaster: Phillippe and Leever, Pittsburgh’s Great Turn-of-the-Century Pitchers, by Robert Peyton Wiggins
  • DiMaggio’s Yankees: A History of the 1936-1944 Dynasty, by Lew Freedman
  • Roger Connor: Home Run King of 19th Century Baseball, by Roy Kerr
  • The Baseball Film in Postwar America: A Critical Study, 1948-1962, by Ron Briley
  • Baseball’s Heartland War, 1902-1903: The Western League and American Association vie for Turf, Players and Profits, by Dennis Pajot
  • The Rise of Latin American Baseball Leagues, 1947-1961: Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Panama, Puerto Rico and Venezuela, by Lou Hernandez
  • The Los Angeles Angels of the Pacific Coast League: A History, 1903-1957, by Richard Beverage
  • The Greatest Minor League: A History of the Pacific Coast League, 1903-1957, by Dennis Snelling
  • Peanuts and Crackerjacks: A Baseball Novel, by M.Z. Ribalow
  • Baseball in Petersburg: The Virginia League and Beyond, by Larry C. Toombs
  • The Bill James Handbook 2012, by Baseball Info Solutions
  • A Unique Look at Big League Baseball, by Joe Taxiera
  • The Giants Win The Series! Headlines and Highlights of 1954, by Mike Getz
  • Garlic Fries and Baseball: The Book, by Ronni Redmond
  • One Home Run, by Art Voellinger
  • Lipman Pike: America’s First Home Run King, by Richard Michelson (illustrations by Zachary Pullen)
  • Amazing Baseball Heroes: Inspirational Negro League Stories, by Bryan Steverson


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Originally published: November 22, 2011. Last Updated: November 22, 2011.