KPCC: Latino ballplayers lead move to put accents on MLB jerseys

From KPCC’s “Take Two” on May 18, 2016, with SABR member Anthony Salazar:

The next time you turn on a Dodgers game, you may notice a difference. And it’s on the back of some players’ jerseys. Here’s a hint: Adrian González.

The first baseman has added the accent to his last name. It’s part of a campaign to encourage Major League Baseball players to add the accent to their names to correctly reflect the pronunciation, and spelling, in Spanish.

It brings up a larger question: is the change merely cosmetic or a signal of the future?

For more, we’re joined by Anthony Salazar, chair of the Latino Baseball Committee, Society for American Baseball Research.

Listen to the full interview here:

Originally published: May 19, 2016. Last Updated: May 19, 2016.