Peterson: The myths of ‘Eight Men Out’

From SABR member Pete Peterson at on July 13, 2019:

This is the 100th anniversary of the Black Sox scandal. In this edition of Reading Baseball, Pete Peterson offers a rebuttal to a piece aired by some NPR stations that claims some of the assertions in Eight Men Out are myths.

Reading Baseball is a series of essays and commentaries by Richard “Pete” Peterson, co-author with his son Stephen, of The Slide: Leyland, Bonds and the Star-Crossed Pittsburgh Pirates and the editor of The St. Louis Baseball Reader.

Here is a link to the NPR Illinois story and interview with Jacob Pomrenke on You Know the Story of the 1919 Black Sox? Think Again.

Listen to the full commentary here:

Originally published: July 15, 2019. Last Updated: July 15, 2019.