SABR 43: Call for research presentation abstracts

UPDATE 7/5/13: On-site judges are needed for SABR 43 research presentations. Each judge will be responsible for viewing and evaluating oral and poster presentations during SABR 43 in Philadelphia. 

Potential judges need not be “experts” in particular topics. They may choose which oral presentations they wish to evaluate, but are requested to judge all oral presentations they attend.

Potential judges need not be “experts” in particular topics, though they are encouraged to indicate the types of presentations they would welcome and/or wish to avoid.

If you’re interested, send a message to the Research Presentations email at either or



UPDATE 3/1/13: Reviewers are needed for SABR 43 research presentation abstracts. The abstracts will be reviewed blindly (identifying information removed). Each reviewer will evaluate approximately 10 abstracts, assessing them on importance, originality, clarity, and organization. The reviews will be done during March. Potential reviewers need not be “experts” in particular topics, though they are encouraged to indicate the types of abstracts they would welcome and/or wish to avoid. If you’re interested, send a message to the Research Presentations email at either or


SABR invites all members to present their research findings to their colleagues attending SABR 43. Oral presentations are expected to last 20 minutes, followed by a five minute question-and-answer period. Posters will be presented, with the author on-hand to discuss the work, during a poster session of 90 or so minutes, and will probably remain on display throughout the convention.

Through on-site judging, the most highly-regarded presentations will receive the Doug Pappas Award for best oral presentation and the USA Today Sports Weekly Award for best poster presentation.

SABR 43 will be held in in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania from July 31-August 4, 2013. (Registration and hotel information will be available soon at As it happens, 2013 represents an anniversary of numerous local baseball-related events that could provide inspiration for topics. For example, it has been:

  • 5 years since the Phillies’ last World Series win (2008)
  • 20 years since Joe Carter’s walk-off homer to defeat the “Wild Bunch” Phillies in the World Series (1993)
  • 30 years since the “Wheeze Kids” went to the World Series (1983)
  • 40 years since Mike Schmidt’s first full season (1973)
  • 60 years since Shibe Park became Connie Mack Stadium (1953)
  • 65 years since Richie Ashburn and Robin Roberts debuted, and the Phils changed from blue to red (1948)
  • 70 years since the Phillies became the Blue Jays (1943)
  • 80 years since both Triple Crown winners played in Philadelphia (1933)
  • 100 years since the Philadelphia A’s $100,000 Infield collected their last World Championship together (1913)
  • 130 years since the Phillies were born (1883)

This list is by no means exhaustive and, as always, abstracts covering all aspects of baseball research are welcomed.

In general, we will follow the procedures used in recent years for reviewing and selecting research abstracts.

  • Oral presentations will be limited to one presentation slot (20 minutes, plus five minutes for Q&A) in length.
  • While submitters may express preference for one format or the other, all abstracts will be evaluated as both oral and poster presentations. Reviewers will not be informed of the submitter’s preference if one is expressed.
  • At most two abstracts — one oral and one poster — will be accepted from each submitter. Researchers are encouraged to submit multiple abstracts, but no more than two of them will be accepted for presentation. In addition to the reviewers’ scores, the submitter’s preferred medium will be taken into consideration in the selection process. If more than one of a submitter’s abstracts scores well enough to be accepted in one medium (but neither scores well enough in the other medium for acceptance), the researcher will choose which one to present in its medium at SABR 43.

Abstracts of proposed research presentations should be no more than 500 words in length, and must include the abstract’s title, review of previous work on the subject, a summary of the research methodology and anticipated results, and the expected contribution to the field of baseball research offered by this work.

When submitting an abstract, the author should describe anticipated audio-visual needs if the abstract is accepted as an oral presentation. For oral presentations at the convention site, SABR will provide laptops and computer-connected projection systems. If your work will need another type of A/V equipment, please let us know.

As noted above, authors may submit multiple abstracts. SABR membership is not required in order to submit an abstract.

All research submissions will be evaluated by blind review. While it is not absolutely mandatory, we very strongly encourage researchers to submit their abstracts electronically, either in a standard word processor format (Microsoft Word preferred) or as plain-text email.

The submission deadline for SABR 43 abstracts is midnight PST, Sunday, FEBRUARY 17, 2013.

Submit abstracts to, the research presentations address for SABR 43. (You may also use the alternate address

Questions regarding the submission, review, and evaluation procedures should also be sent to the address.


Originally published: December 27, 2012. Last Updated: December 27, 2012.