SABR Baseball Landmarks Committee seeks volunteers to help with mapping project

Hamtramck Stadium opened in 1930 and was home to several Negro League, semi-pro, high school and Little League teams throughout its history. (FRIENDS OF HISTORIC HAMTRAMCK STADIUM)JANUARY 20, 2022 — Many baseball fans are drawn to out-of-the-way places to spy an old ballpark, visit a historical marker, or pay their respects at the grave of a late ballplayer. SABR’s Baseball Landmarks Committee is seeking volunteers to help us document the staggering array of baseball-related sites located across North America. With the help of SABR membership, our goal is to curate a comprehensive list or map of interesting baseball attractions.    

The initial phase of our project will involve creating a Baseball Landmarks Project page and a call for members to help document and verify the initial offering of nearly 300 sites we have already compiled, which have been arranged by state and categorized by type. If you are interested in contributing to this project, please contact committee co-chair John Racanelli.

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Originally published: January 20, 2022. Last Updated: January 20, 2022.