Baseball's Business: The Winter Meetings: 1958-2016

SABR Digital Library: Baseball’s Business: The Winter Meetings: 1958-2016

The hot stove is heating up, so settle in and add this new baseball book from the SABR Digital Library to your collection:

Baseball’s Business: The Winter Meetings: 1958-2016 (Volume Two)
Edited by Steve Weingarden and Bill Nowlin
Associate editors: Marshall Adesman and Len Levin 
ISBN (paperback): 978-1-943816-63-7, $19.95
ISBN (e-book) 978-1-943816-62-0, $9.99
468 pages, 8.5″ x 11″

The Winter Meetings have been Organized Baseball’s annual offseason ritual since the early days of the game. This is SABR’s second volume on the history of the winter meetings, covering the years 1958 through 2016, and including a special section on the Negro Leagues winter meetings. (Click here to get your e-book or paperback copy about Volume One.) The latter years of the 20th century included many monumental changes in the business of baseball. This volume covers the time period of multiple rounds of expansion, the advent of free agency, several work stoppages, collusion among the owners, and the eventual elimination of the American and National League presidents’ offices and consolidation of the two leagues as a single business entity.

Contributors include: Abigail Miskowiec, Andy Bokser, Bob Whelan, Chad Hagan, Charles H. Martin, Chip Greene, Chris Jones, Christopher Matthews, Clayton Trutor, Dan Levitt, Darren Munk, David M. Kritzler and Alan P. Henry, Donald G. Frank, Duke Goldman, Gregory H. Wolf, Hawkins DuBois, Jason C. Long, Jason Myers, Jeff Barto, Jerry Swenson, Jessica Frank, John Bauer, John Burbridge, Kent Henderson, Luca Rossi, Mark Armour, Mark S. Sternman, Michael Huber, Mike Lynch, Paul D. Brown, Paul Hensler, Robert K. Whelan, Rodger A. Payne, Ross E. Davies, Steve Cardullo, Steve Weingarden, Steve West, Tim Rask, Tom Cuggino, Wayne G. McDonnell, Jr.


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