SABR Latino Baseball Committee welcomes new Cuban Baseball Research Group

Estadio Latino Americano in Havna, Cuba (COURTESY OF DONALD PLAVNICK)JULY 22, 2022 — SABR’s Board of Directors has approved a new subcommittee, the Cuban Baseball Research Group, under the auspices of the Latino Baseball Committee.

The Cuban Baseball Research Group, led by baseball journalist Reynaldo Cruz, aims to foster research on the history of Cuban baseball since its early days, its impact on American and Caribbean baseball, and the impact of the US in Cuban baseball. The group will also help research and write more SABR biographies of Cuban players, including those who played in the Negro Leagues, and correct the historical record of some Cuban baseball players.

Some of the founding members of the group have already carried out important investigations on Cuban baseball history, including the identification of the remains of Hall of Famer Cristóbal Torriente, and the location of the grave site of Esteban Bellán, the first Latin American to play professionally in the United States, beginning in 1871 in the National Association.

To learn more about the Latino Baseball Committee or the Cuban Baseball Research Group, click here.

Originally published: July 22, 2022. Last Updated: July 22, 2022.